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Answers to the Most Common Questions We Get Asked

Q:  How much does "it" cost?

A:   Just under a million dollars!  In all cases, it has always gotten cheaper the more answers we get regarding the following items:

  • Do you want Screen Print or Embroidery?
  • One location or More?
  • What size do you want the image?
  • What garment are we putting the image on?
  • What color is the garment we are putting the image on?
  • How many shirts/garments do you want embroidered or screen printed?
  • Do you have (I mean REALLY have) the art you want for this project?
So, you much does "it" cost?  "It" all depends.  Think through your project and give us a call or stop by our impressive showroom where you can see over 300 samples and we'll help you determine what "it" will cost.

Q:   Can I have it done by Friday?

    YES! (it's which friday.  We can always have it done by friday).  Seriously, Embroidery turnaround is between 3-6 days from having approved artwork and apparel in hand.  We have NEXT Day on some embroidery if needed (of course at a price).  Screen printing turnaround is also between 3-6 days from approved artwork and apparel in hand.  We've met all the deadlines our clients have needed so far, so why not yours?

Q:   Do you have a minimum quantity I have to order?

A:   Yes.  For new Embroidery orders, the minimum is 10 items all getting the same thing on them.  For screen printing, the minimum is 24 shirts if printing on whites or lights (not using any white ink) for up to 3 colors.  For dark or black shirts that require white ink, the minimum is 24 for a 1-2 color print and 36 for more than 2 colors in the image.  For Discharge Screen Printing, the minimum is 36.  Direct to Garment Digital printing has a minimum of only 1 when you use the online tool and check out.
Q:   Can I Furnish My Own Shirts or Caps?

  Sure can.  Just be full aware, since we have no profit in the garmets you bring, accidents happen.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be held financially responsible for any customer supplied items.  If you don't agree with this, please don't leave your items with us.  When you order garmets from us, if something does go wrong, we replace it.  You order 50... you get 50.   It's that simple.

Q:   Can You Use My Artwork?

   It all depends.  What artwork do you have?  For Embroidery, just a simple .jpg file is fine.  For screen printing, that is a different story.  Vector art is required for good screen printing.  If you don't have vector artwork but do have art that you want to use, we can have the art converted to vector art so you can get the shirts you want.  There is a cost for us to convert the artwork to vector art, but the difference is worth the cost.  Remember the old addage "garbage in, garbage out".

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