Full Color Sublimation Shirts

Sublimation is Full Color Printing

Need less than 24 shirts?  Have a photographic image you want to put on some shirts?  Want to personalize one or more of the shirts?  If so, then you can create from 1-30 or more of just the shirts you need using the full color sublimation process on Dri-fit t-shirts.

Full Color Sublimation Printing has been around for a number of years.  It is simply the applying of special dye on your polyester Dri-fit garment, whether it be a shirt, apron or tote bag for example.  It works at a high temperature and with special inks.  All the colors are applied at the same time instead of one at a time in screen printing. After the inks are applied, they are cured into the fiber (polyester) of the garment.

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Cost effective price for lower quantities, 1-30
Cost effective for Personalizing each garment 
Lower quantities allow for more creative designs
Very soft feel as the ink is "in" the shirt, not "on"
Prints at a higher resolution (300dpi = more detail) than screen printing (60dpi)
Print on White (images are most vibrant) and light shirts
Design stays vibrant for the life of the garment.
Design is applied directly.  No screen required.


Does not print white ink.  Any white in the image takes on the shirt color in the image
Limited to 100% polyester and Dri-fit material

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