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Screen Printing Custom T-Shirts

We Screen Print Your Business, School or Event Design on Your Choice of Soft T-Shirts 

Screen Printing is Very Popular

Screen Printing is a great solution for higher volumes and when you only have 1 or 2 colors in your image.  Why? 

Screen printing requires a screen to be set up for each color in your image, thus the need for higher volumes.  It is a form of printing using mesh screens coated in emulsion.  An image is exposed onto the screen then washed out leaving the mesh clear where the image had been.

A pool of ink is then pulled across the image on the mesh with a rubber bladed squeegee and the pressure forces the ink through the mesh and onto the substrate, producing the printed image.  Versatility is the major advantage in screen printing - as long as a surface is flat (and it won't melt in a heater) it can be printed!

Check out our T-shirt Gallery for ideas for your shirts.

Pricing is based on several factors:
Quantity of shirts/garments/item
Type of garment i.e.: t-shirt, sport shirt, sweatshirt, tank top, towel, tote, etc.
Long sleeve shirts are more expensive than short sleeve shirts.
Pocketed t-shirts are more expensive than those without pockets.
Color of garment (colors are more expensive than whites).
Number of ink colors
Location of prints i.e.: one side, two sides, sleeves, pant legs, etc.  

 Tips to reduce your cost of screen printing:
Reduce the number of colors
Print only one side
Print on white, ash, light colored or natural shirts so a white underbase is not required


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